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Equipment Specifications:



Tandem Tandem 8x8 Floater Beds

Tandem Tandem Bed / Pole Trucks

Tridem Texas Beds

Tandem & Tridem Winch Tractors

Tandem & Tridem Planetary Winch Tractors with Hydraulic Scissor lift 5th wheel

Up to 45 Ton Pickers




 Tridem Hiboys & Lowboys with live rolls and kicker rolls

Wheeler combinations up to 48 wheels

Self-loading tank cradles (up to 2500bbl tanks)

Tubing Trailers with hand rails

Double Drop

Hydraulic Steer Derrick Dolly




Pilot Vehicles

Traffic Control

Site Supervisors

Safety Supervisors

Hot Shot Vehicles

Loaders with & without Floatation Tires

Ramps (from 3’ to 10’)

A leg & Crown Bunks

Man Baskets and Spreader Bars (up to 20’)



Our Fleet also includes: 8 Wh Lo-Boys, 16 Wh Lo-Boys, 24 Wh Lo-Boys, Tri Lo-Boys, Tri-axle trailers, 8 Wh HiBoys, 16 Wh HiBoys, Derrick Dolly, 8+16 Wh Jeeps, 4+8 Wh Boosters, Dbl. Drop 8 Wh Lo-Boy and tank cradles.

Our fleet is fully equipped and safety inspected.