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Oilfield transportation for the oil and gas industry

Ronco Oilfield Hauling Ltd. was established in October of 1977, when Ron Lehman, Don Bischke and George Meyers as a silent partner, had the idea to start their own company.

They found land with a shop on the south side of Medicine Hat. With only a few trucks to start and a lot of hard work, it wasn’t long before the found themselves adding more trucks to the company. The oil and gas industry was booming. By the early 80s, they had a fleet of about 13 trucks, over half a dozen lease operators and employed about 35 people.

In the early 80s, the industry was hit with a royalty tax that brought the industry to a near halt. After selling most of the fleet in 1986, Don Bischke decided to leave the company and pursue other interests while Ron stayed on and continue with the business. Left with just a few trucks, Ron knew the industry would pick up again. At this time, Ron’s son Ernie and Uncle Gus were active in the company driving trucks, supervising jobs and keeping the company moving.

In 1991, Ron was ready to move on and sold the business to Superior Enerpro. Ernie stayed to manage the company which at the time consisted of five trucks performing oilfield service work. By 1993, the oilfield was getting busy again and in 1994, Ernie bought the company back. By 1997 the fleet had increased to 12 trucks and was moving 2-3 rigs a day.

In 2006, a fire broke out in the shop which destroyed 8 of 19 trucks and the shop. Business continued as usual while a shop was rented and trucks were replaced. Groundbreaking for the new shop west of Redcliff started in the fall of 2007 and was completed in January 2008.

Ronco has a modern fleet of 28 trucks and 50-60 employees presently.

In 2011 Ronco opened a shop in Shaunovon SK.  and then in 2012 Ronco opened up a division situated in Sylvan Lake Alberta.